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The MACE strap-in Doppler Ultrasonic Area/Velocity Sensor is used in open channels or pipes that run partially full to alll full to measure depth (using a capacitive pressure transmitter) and velocity. MACE Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors utilizing MACE Advanced Signal Processing (MASP) technology “see” across the entire stream profile to give a true average velocity.  Access to the monitoring point is required for installation and maintenance.  Installation is fast due to the patented Z-Strap mounting system.



  • Material Type: PVC and Epoxy
  • Pipe Sizes: 150mm (6″) to 2500mm (100″)
  • Dimensions: 125mm (5″) L x 50mm (2″) W x 16mm (0.62″) H
  • Depth Range: 2m (79″), 4m (158″)
  • Cable Length: 30m


  • Doppler Card


  • MACE ZX SnapStrap.

MACE 850-479 Doppler Ultrasonic Area/Velocity Sensor

SKU: 850-479
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