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Partially Filled Pipe Measurement

We are one of the most experienced installers and commissioners of MACE ultrasonic (doppler) based partially filled pipe flowmeters in North America.  Having solid foundational knowledge of the hydraulic properties of the installation site is key to success, and our technicians take the time to properly assess and evaluate each potential location prior to installing any meters in your process.  We carry a full line of MACE meters and accessories as well as Greyline AVFM meters.  Please contact us for more information or to assess your application.

Measuring flow in partially filled pipes provide unique challenges.  There has always been a tradeoff with cost and accuracy until now.  Unlike the highly accurate and highly expensive partially full magmeters, the MACE system (once properly profiled) will give you near magmeter accuracy but with the convience and cost savings your plant budget will appreciate.


MACE has invested significant resources in their signal processing, in fact so much so it is patented.  Other area velocity meters for measuring partially filled pipes only measure a small chunk of the pipe, MACE looks at the entire cross section. 


Now that In-Situ owns the MACE line, it is also convenient to order parts and supplies, with the full line being stocked in Fort Collins, CO.  Call or email us today for more information on this highly accurate, highly reliable measurement device. 

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