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The MACE 850-366 FloPro XCi device integrates water quality and quantity monitoring sensors. Whether you need to measure flow, conductivity, pH, rainfall, or monitor an ultrasonic depth sensor to measure water levels or calculate flows in V-Notch weirs or flumes, the FloPro is fully capable. The unit is easily integrated with SCADA and telemetry systems or with the cellular card, Webcomm or HydroVu Data Services.

Capable of utilizing MACE Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors, the XCI produces superior results under a wide range of hydraulic operating conditions, such as those encountered in wastewater and stormwater flows. Even when in surcharge, or reverse flow, the FloPro produces accurate and repeatable data, every time.


  • Multiple cards for multiple sensor applications
  • Remotely access data with MACE WebComm or HydroVu Data Services
  • Easily configure with MACE FloCom+ Software


  • Ruggedized, weatherproof enclosure
  • Data logger
  • LCD display
  • Battery
  • Solar panel/regulator (purchased seperately)
  • Required cards (purchased seperately)
  • Velocity/level sensors (purchased seperately)

MACE 850-366 FloSeries 3 FlowPro XCI

SKU: 850-366
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